What Makes Me So Special?

I have always been honest. Millions of people work, run families and social activities. So what makes me so special that I do not have to? Well it boils down to ….I can’t. When I work the 12 hour shifts I am able to keep fully charged but then when I am not working I am comatose. I do put thought and effort into my posts neither of which am I capable of when working all the time. One thing very valuable that I have learned over the past few years is that I have to accept certain limits that I have. I cannot work a 40 hr week on a regular basis. I would burn out so fast. But I do push the limits but often my body will push back. I have spent 30 years abusing my body…it is not exactly rewarding me for good behavior.

So I function within my limits and sometimes that means missing out. But just because I have limits does not mean I cannot lead a good life. I still do what I am passionate about. I love my family and friends. Limits do not limit my life…quite the opposite. They keep me mentally healthy and without that everything else just falls apart. All of this is a really long winded explanation as to why I cannot keep up with my blog posts when working. But Friday the lotteries are over and I can come back to my normal life.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

tired cat GIF by Cheezburger

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