Yes I Am Queen

Today is just a short note but big words. At approximately 9:30 pm last night I FINISHED WRITING MY BOOK! It is the final edited draft. Now my editor just has to review then off to publishing. There are a few things that surprise me here. First it has taken me 4 years because of the roller coaster of mental states I was in over those years. But I was dedicated and stuck with it. So many times I wanted to give up but my husband and youngest son are my biggest fans and they never let me. I started something and finished it! Then there is the strange feeling of being proud of myself. Most of the time I am beating myself up but not right now. I feel pride. No matter what happens from here…I did it! It just goes to show that you are never too old or too sick to follow your dreams. I am over 50. Publishing is scary as well cause it is my story. It will be out there for all to see. All my mistakes…all my pain…right there on each page. Talking about setting myself up for judgement! Mind you I should be used to that by now. So this weekend is just basking in the glory. I do not know what I am going to do now. It is almost a grieving process. The book has been the focus of my life for so long. I know there is still marketing and publication to keep me occupied but the creation is over. Trying to put my life into 280 pages. My final words are simple buy boy do they feel good…YAY ME!


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