My Hero

When I think about the people who I know that I admire for their strength…my name never comes up. But when I think about it who do I know that has to battle their own mind everyday and still manages to smile, laugh and love? Some days I battle just to survive. We are so quick to come up with a massive list of all the things that are wrong with us. But who ever looks inside and acknowledges the good?

I always consider myself broken, which I guess I am. But with some help from God and a powerful inner strength I always manage to find the glue. Even though sometimes I crack and need to be put back together again. Do you know a lot of people that could live like that and still be a functional human being? Maybe not…but you are.

I am extremely blessed that I have my faith to give me the strength when I need it. I can say with honesty I do not know how I could do it alone. I think we all need someone in our corner and mine happens to be God. He may not be who everyone turns to but I look back on my life and know that it can only be because of Him that I am still alive.

I will never be able to answer the question of why we suffer from a mental illness. But he sure had to pick some tough cookies to carry the load. We are so much more than who we believe we are. You can think about as many negative things as possible about yourself. But you will never be without positives. If only we put as much effort into praising ourselves as we do beating ourselves down…mental illness would take on a new meaning.

One thing no one can ever say about us is that we are weak! You woke up this morning…you got through yesterday…yup you tough! And brilliant! If everyone had a mind that could handle 100 different thoughts in 100 different directions at the same time and still manage to speak…all the world’s problems would be solved. We do not deserve to be knocked down because we have an illness. We deserve respect and admiration for being who we are…and still always finding enough to give when needed.

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