Trying The Job Thing

I just started a temp job this week and it is going better than anticipated. The job is not difficult…just working the phones, but it is fighting the energy thing. It is a fight to, the entire shift, I just want to lay down and have a nap. I have to be upbeat and madam cheery for the job and that actually helps with handling the sleepies. There are a lot of people who struggle with mental illness, who just find it overwhelming to try and keep a job. What others usually do not understand is that it is not a matter of not WANTING to work…they just can’t. We all strive for that “normal” life, but it is just not something we can find. No matter how hard we may find it to function or how high we may be able to function…we can only live our own live within our own guidelines because trying to compare ourselves to others will only bring us discouragement that we do not deserve.

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