Power to the Dishwasher

Why is it that the chore of washing the dishes can be viewed at the same magnitude as climbing Mount Everest? I know it will take me about 15 mins (this place should be condemned as not fit being as that it does not come with a dishwasher) but I will agonize for hours about having to do them. The words “get it done and over with,” just does not seem to compute! I have found only one way to conquer such un-needed stress…do not think! When the thought enters my mind about the dishes…I give a woohoo yell…then move. I do not give my brain the time to come up with excuses, or tell me how much I do not feel like doing them…I just do them. It might sound stupid but it works. My brain will find a way to make sure those dishes do not get done till 4:00 PM but if I do not give it the chance to have that discussion…my hands are in the dishwater before my brain has even figured out I am up. My brain sucks a lot of the time so sometimes the only way to get things done is to trick it. I can say this…once I finish that last dish…I am some damn proud of myself!

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