Let Me Think 1 Million Times

I remember when they played vinyl on the radio (yes I am that old) and you would hear the needle get stuck and that part of the song would just repeat and repeat till the DJ realized what was happening and fixed it…that is how my brain works…it gets stuck! Let’s say I have a doctor’s appointment coming up in 3 weeks and there is something I need to discuss with her…let’s add the fact that maybe I am concerned about something. Now to the average person not a thought will be given, to me however it proves to be exhausting because I will replay that conversation over and over and over again in my brain until it drives me crazy! I get angry at myself, I even yell at myself now…”If you think I am going to replay this conversation over in my brain for 3 weeks your out of your mind!” I immediately find something to distract myself with because there was a time when I literally would spend the 3 weeks obsessing over the conversation. Now here is the real piss off…nobody else follows the script! It NEVER goes as I planned and the majority of the time it goes a lot easier than I expected. Obsessive thoughts can be a huge problem for many and I know once that needle in my brain gets stuck on what it is playing…it is a bitch to get the thing to keep moving on!

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