I Love You…Well Right Now Anyways

Loving someone with bipolar disorder is hard…sometimes it can seem impossible. I love my husband with everything I have 95% of the time…the other .05% I froth at the mouth. I probably do not even know what I am angry at, but I will be furious. It is probably something I made up in my own mind anyways. He has to be able to “let it pass.” It does pass, I become loving again but sometimes all I can see are his faults. Thankfully, it is not often, but I can feel almost a dark force that over takes me. I am filled with guilt afterwards…this is the man that loves me more than life…how can I be so mean? It is nothing like it used to be. Back in the day it was 50/50. Now I love him the best I can during the good times…that is the key to all of it…I do my best.

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