Wakey Wakey

I awake. Change from boxers to sweat pants (I’m in menopause…you DO NOT sleep in flannies anymore)…brush my teeth…motor downstairs and take my meds…get my much needed coffee (inhale)…pick up garbage left from snacking the night before…get my next cup of coffee and sit down at my computer (mid-morning). I message my close friend like I do every morning…”What ya doin?” she asks…I am on my second cup so I consider myself coherent “Drinking my coffee,” is all I have to answer with…then she hits me with it! “Oh I got up at 6:00 AM…got all my dusting and vacuum cleaning done, then washed the floors and I am just on my second load of laundry.” I love her but the first word that comes to mind rhymes with witch!

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